Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is this platform considering that the artisans will be granted access to our homes/offices?

This is one of the main reasons why we exist. All necessary background checks have been done including getting a third-party detail for further security purposes.

Are we to make payments to the artisans?

No. Cash transactions are highly not acceptable. All payments must be made directly to the company’s account. The only function of the artisan is to do the job and leave. Clients are advised not to engage in any financial/monetary discussion with the artisans.

What happens when the job done goes bad again even after initially confirming the job to have been satisfactorily done?

You will always get a guarantee for jobs done and when need arises, we can have the artisan back to rectify the issue.

Can I Contact the artisan directly for subsequent jobs?

No. All calls for service must be directed to the company. Do not be tempted to want to deal directly with any artisan. A Dial Away Limited will not be responsible for any of such jobs.